Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gold Coast to Brisbane cruise

If you are keen for a relaxing day on the water at low cost, this trip is just for you. There is no input required, except to kick back and soak up the magnificent scenery along the intricate waterways between the Gold Coast and Brisbane (you can do the trip in reverse if you wish). The trip we took was cruise from Coast to Brisbane with coach return in the afternoon. Morning and afternoon snack, and lunch provided. We had been meaning to do this trip for years and will definitely do it again; it was just such a nice day. This is the boat we went on.

Boat Cruise between Gold Coast and Brisbane
There were 70+ people on board but there was no sign of any crowding, as you can see from these pics. Some chose to sit under cover inside for the whole trip, others wandered in and out.

Two undercover decks
Outdoor undercover area

This cruise (click here for details) has been in operation for nearly 30 years. The crew really know their way around these waterways. Interesting features are pointed out along the way; commentary not intruding on conversation. Morning and afternoon tea is served as well as an excellent barbeque lunch.
You travel between two large cities, through the World Heritage listed Moreton Bay Marine Park  and see high rise, huge waterside homes, camping and mooring sites along the water's edge, sea birds and ... Oh yes, and the occasional dolphin or dugong.

The route meaders between islands that lie between North and South Stradbroke Islands and the mainland; passing well known island such as Peel, Russell, St Helena (former jail), Lamb, Goat :) and dozens more. You do get a detailed map showing many geographic features.

We had lunch outside to keep enjoying the view. It was fabulous.

Lunch with view and pleasant conversation
Safe mooring

The boat was peacefully quiet as it glided along. We said next time we'll bring a hammock and really get into the relax mode. The cruise took about 6 hours. We were never bored.
Once in Brisbane, the coach was waiting to bring us back to the Gold Coast.
This was an excellent venture for a Sunday Drive.

If you have a day spare, do yourself a favour and book this cruise.

Have a great day on your next Sunday Drive

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