Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day of fun. Council sponsored free activities.

Gold Coast activity
Sand sculpting anyone?
The Gold Coast has a list of activities too big to detail. From free to super exotic and expensive. Today we share the fun we had at a free activity sponsored by the City Council as part of its popular Active and Healthy Program. This program has fantastic activities throughout the year, right across the Gold Coast. For the latest program of events, go here. You will find something to suit all tastes and all ages.

We had a fabulous day out. If you have kids, this event is for you. There was free facepainting, gymnastics, classes on painting, knitting and sculpting, drum classes to make loads of rhythmic noise, plus more. Who wouldn't want to go? Even the big kids had fun watching all manner of performance, set around a peaceful lake next to the Nerang River, right in the heart of the Gold Coast.

This site is a must for all

Crowd spoilt for choice of what to do, what to see
Scrunch a balloon into your favorite animal
Bash a drum rhythm and relax
Painting multi-colored anything

Aerial daring
With such a fun filled afternoon on offer where just about everything was free, how could you not have a great time? Kids' time filled. Adults relax. I spent some time sitting under a tree with coffee in hand just watching the day go by. Snoring blissfully.

Fun activity, free, kids' entertained
Painting by the Nerang river
Chill with a drink and bite to eat. Relaxing music

Events like this are run all over the Gold Coast. This one is annual, as are some of the others. Most are run weekly or monthly. If you are a visitor or local, it is well worth checking out the website to see what is on around your area. This event was in the centre of the Gold Coast, accessible easily by bus or car.

Have fun

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