Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gold Coast - Burleigh - Headland Walk

Do you feel like a change of pace, slowing down a little, but still want to jump in the ocean or go shopping, even have a restaurant meal?  Head to Burleigh beach; easy to reach by bus or car. It lies in the middle of the Gold Coast beaches.  Beach safety is supported by a surf club at either end of the beach and a lifeguard tower in the middle.  A beachfront park with a concrete path wide enough for walkers, joggers, skaters, covers the entire distance.  Shady trees, shelters and barbecue facilities are dotted along the full strip. 

At the southern end of the beach, you will find why Burleigh is so popular with locals and why they would prefer it to remain off the tourist map.  Enjoy shopping in stores that are less touristy and lie in a couple of blocks of laid back village atmosphere, few high rises blot the horizon here.  But this story is about the walk around the headland.   Shops and beach will come later.   The beach has a beautiful national park headland.  Sit on the hill and watch the surf or take the peaceful, level stroll around the headland; over the top if you are feeling more energetic.  The whole walk takes a leisurely 35-40 minutes, no rush.

The best way to do the walk from the headland is to start by walking down the hill, turning left at the traffic lights and walking along the highway.   This first bit along the highway I always find the best section to get over first because the rest of the walk is a peaceful, easy walk along a bitumen pathway through trees alongside a creek and then beside the ocean.   Along the highway you reach Tallebudgera Creek, another popular spot with locals, especially for those with younger children.   To walk around the headland, turn left just before you cross the creek.

Turn left past the old movie theatre arcade. Main
 Burleigh shops straight across road at traffic lights
Tallebudgera Creek. Popular swimming spot on
opposite side to Headland walk. Caravan park to right.

The trail is easy to follow.  Just a short way in you will see the track that leads over the top of the headland.  It is not too steep but the one around the creek is just about level all the way and so very easy to do.  You can hear the chatter of birds all along the path.  It is cool and shaded, relaxing. 

View from pathway

The path is easy to walk, shady and cool

Mouth of creek and ocean
View to ocean

At the end of the path, you come out to the most stunning views along the Gold Coast and the world famous surfing beach of Burleigh Heads.  You will just want to sit and take it all in; ocean, beaches, the highrise Surfers Paradise, people fishing, surfers, joggers.  It is a fantastic spot.  At the bottom of the hill is a coffee shop.  Take away coffees and a seat on the hill is one of the most refreshing activities and one of life's pleasures; makes you feel good with the world.

Shady park and walkways. Surfers Paradise in background

Beach, cafe, reading under a shady tree.  Serenity
It is easy to cruise through the hours and totally unwind.  The walk through the National Park surely helps that.  Follow up with all manner of calming persuits from dawn to dusk.

Stunning sunrise
First light at the headland

Moonrise over ocean
Moonrise over seagull :)

A definite for those whose holiday is speeding too much.  Easy trip to Burleigh to get your spirits back together and ease the pace.  Buses drop you off right next to the beach so access is no trouble; even leave the car back at your hotel.  Fish and chips on the Headland; what a treat.

Views around the Headland

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