Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gold Coast - Hinze Dam -Beechmont

Hinze Dam is the major water supply source for the Gold Coast.  It is a short drive, fewer than 30 km away.  It is easy to find the route via Mudgeeraba on the cental coast.  This is a great picnic spot, found so close to the Gold Coast strip.  It is a point of interest to visit along the way on a pleasant drive through the mountains.  There are many others.  We stopped at Hinze Dam for a look around and continued up along the ridge of Beechmont, towards  Canungra and looping back to the highway.  

On the way up to the dam you pass through forested scenery along the route with an occasional spring fed cascade splashing next to the bitumen.  A backdrop, refreshing and cool to drive in.  The way to the Dam is clearly signposted. 

Shady seat to look out over the lake

Spillway of Hinze Dam

Spillway with dam at 86%

Picnic spots, centre left and top right, below spillway

Observation area. Drinks and snacks available
On the way out from the Dam take the route to Beechmont.  It is magic scenery all along the way.  It ranges from closely treed mountains to open rolling pasture, green and lush.  You will pass higher up the range and drive past outlooks where you look down over the Dam.  Cruising along the ridge, we stopped to watch a couple of people fly model gliders.  We were amazed at how far and high the models could go.

A typical valley view near Beechmont

Pasture we drove past at Beechmont

Centre right is the silver streak of Purling Brook falls

Nature and plastic. Top left, eagle in flight, one of a pair; centre, model plane

This turned out to be an awesome Sunday Drive, somewhat unplanned as we had intended to go to the Dam and back.  The choice to go further via Beechmont was a bonus.  A good Sunday Drive turned great.

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